Securities Business and Futures Business Solutions
K WAY focuses on the development of key system software in the securities and financial industry. In trading, settlement, market data, FIX, trading tools, etc., we already provided lots of distinctive products to our domestic and foreign customers.
Trading System
Settlement & Clearing Management System
Order Management System
Gateway System
Online Trading System (HTS)
Mobile Trading
Single Machine
Quote Service System
HFT Server
Kway began to cooperate with Xenon, an Australian overclocker, to distribute eXtreme series HFT servers. The best performance is achieved and the best low-latency solution is provided through Xenon's overclocking of CPUs and tuning of BIOS parameters.
High-Frequency Trading (HFT) Solution
Program Trading area
MultiCharts is a suite of advanced analytical software for trading. It has a powerful, flexible and programmable standard interface. It also has hundreds of free indicators, strategy signals, chart types, drawing tools and trading strategies. It provides lots of choice of data service provider and broker, and compatible with the EasyLanguage program trading syntax developed by TradeStation allows you to modify the code, directly obtain the actual account location in the signal script, and can adjust the signal part and the actual part simultaneously. MultiCharts can also implement most of the custom metrics, easily create your own trading strategy, especially its highly stable automatic trading mode, so you can operate without continuous monitoring.
Single Machine
Quote Service System
nStock APP
nStock provides a complete set of Taiwan stock fundamental data and a clear and easy-to-use stock selection app. The app has been ranked No.1 in the market and has been downloaded by millions of people. It can help users quickly collect and analyze Taiwan stock market trends and corporate transactions, etc. Chip side information, and evaluate the company's earnings per share EPS, dividend distribution and ex-dividend over the years.
Stock Chip
Rich Stock
Easy Stock
Super Stock
Growth Stock
631 investment
Value Stock
Chat Stock
Domestic financial institution
International financial institutions:
For Foreign Institutional Investors (FINI) in Taiwan, we have 70% market shares around in this industry.